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Guest review: Bizhou (Shanghai) | Laojia 老家 Hakka culture

Laojia 老家 - connecting adventurous travelers with authentic rural China

“This is my second time visiting a Laojia location, and I continue to be a fan. It's really an invaluable chance for both foreigners and locals alike to experience a bit of life in rural China and support the local communities there. You'll come away refreshed with a more nuanced view of modern China and its various perspectives. This Laojia location is in Hekeng, one of the only UNESCO-protected tulou villages, so you'll be able to see the tulou architectural style in as close to their original form as possible, and there's 15 of them in the village! My favorite activity was hiking up to the organic tea plantation to visit the amazingly kind Qiu shifu and his wife who is an great cook. You can also walk to the next village where there's the largest tulou in the world, and just generally enjoy drinking lots and lots of teas everyday.”

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