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Laojia 老家 Hakka culture

Laojia 老家 - connecting adventurous travelers with authentic rural China

This is our second Laojia experience as a family of 7 with 5 kids. This was a new location for us -Fujian province- and we have to say Laojia locations are some of our favorite places to be in China. The opportunity to see village life and to meet people in China who aren't tour guides but just regular people is such a unique opportunity. Village life in China is fascinating, beautiful and gives you the chance to unplug and relax. Living inside a Tulou is an amazing experience because you become an actual neighbor and can see people preparing their meals, washing their dishes and drying their clothes in the community space. Tulous are quite lively and you will hear but not understand (if you are like us) lots of loud talking and village hustle and bustle. We were warmly welcomed by the neighbors- if you have kids... go! They love kids! Your kids will be embraced and welcomed by the Ayi's and Shushu's and told to wear their layers, of course. We enjoyed several activities- painting mini tulous was fun for kids, wandering the village, and walking to the world's largest tulou down the road a few kilometers. Our favorite activity that we tried was a gorgeous hike up to a tea plantation. It has picturesque views and a kind owner. They will serve you tons of tea and you can purchase a home cooked lunch after you see the fields. As for accommodations, there are individual rooms that lock with very comfy beds and warm blankets. These are located on the 2nd and 3rd levels. The "hallways" are open to the rest of the tulou and you can also use the shared areas, which are a simple sitting area on the 2nd level and a large table area with hot pot. The table room has the shared bathroom and you can shower in there if desired. If you want to experience real rural China, you have found your place!

Andie & Andrew, Minneapolis, MN

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