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Guest review: Kesley, May 2019 | Laojia老家,A Qing dynasty house

Laojia 老家: connecting adventurous travelers with authentic rural China

"Laojia was a unique experience to discover a non-touristy part of China. You may be hesitant about things like traveling there, speaking to locals, and finding things to do-- but do not let this keep from from this opportunity! Your stay will be made easy by the team, who will provide you things like a guidebook and contacts in the village. Unfortunately, Haibo was not available to help us during our stay, but when we met him in passing, he was a lovely man. During my stay with my sister, we hiked up the Five Finger Mountain, took a boat ride down the Li River, sipped tea by the docks, chatted with locals-- particularly, Mao, ate delicious food, and spent some quality time together. It was a really special time where I learned more about my sister, who I already considered a best friend. Thanks to her ability to speak Mandarin, we were able to communicate with locals, Xiaomo, Mao, and Ayi. Even when I didn't understand, I laughed along with them. We made some great friends and memories in Langshi. If you are visiting on a warm day, check out the water cave and swimming hole for a cool down. Out of curiosity, my sister and I went to find it (it is really only marked on a map provided to you in the guidebook) and the swimming hole overlooks the mountains, the farmland, and is stunning. Also take the hike up Five Finger Mountain -- the view is SPECTACULAR. We will talk about this trip for years to come!"

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