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New Laojia 老家 in Fujian Province

Laojia 老家 -connecting adventurous travelers with authentic rural China

As we mentioned last time, we are thrilled to share a new Laojia location in Hekeng village, Fujian province with you all.

The biggest reason why we love sharing these places is due to the friendships and inside knowledge we’ve built in these communities. Once back home, these are the elements which create lasting memories for us and our guests , but conversely also creates a feeling of 'coming home' every time we revisit Laojia.

If you’re interested in learning about Fujian’s Hakka- and Tea culture; experience the unique Tulous (earth houses) or just simply need some time in nature, we welcome you to reach out and plan your upcoming stay.

Bookings can be done through Airbnb or by directly getting in touch via email. Airbnb links:

- 1x Double room:

- 2x Double room:

- Complete house (5 rooms):

- Transportation -

Inquiries & Booking

instagram & facebook: laojiachina

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