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Patrick 09.2018 | Langshi village

Laojia 老家 - connecting adventurous travelers with authentic rural China

On my last day, I walked up the Xingping road as per Haibo’s suggestion. Just blown away by the views. Walked on to Jilaidan, a small village in the mountains behind Laojia's village. I asked some villagers if I could step inside to reapply sunscreen in the shade, and they completely welcomed me. Turned on a fan, gave me tea, zongzi (a chinese snack made from sticky rice and filled with goodies such as nuts, beans, pork etc), grapes they had picked, and offered me a cigarette... We talked about how life had changed, how they really wish there was water up there in the mountains. Their daughter had made some framed textiles that were very pretty. When I asked them what they looked forward to about summer in the village, another villager who had joined pointed at the fan.   

It was totally unexpected and touching hospitality; Something I think is very characteristic of the south, where I often run into open hearts and such.

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