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Our Private Tours takes you on a journey through authentic China. Our English speaking guides have the unique combination of having an international background while being raised in China.


1. Find 3 or more travel companions (maximum group size: 8)
2. Share your thoughts and vision
  • What does your dream China-trip look like?

  • What do you want to learn?

  • When do you want to travel?

3. Discuss and finalize your trip (1-2 Skype meetings)
4. Let the rest to us!



  • Private guide through your trip (4:1 traveler-guide ratio)

  • All lodging, meals, in-country transportation (flights, trains, mini-vans)

  • Customized itinerary

  • Local learning experiences/activities throughout your trip

  • Travel insurance (basic coverage)


  • $ 150-180/person/day (depending on transportation prefered)

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 A deep thanks to the photographic talents of our guests and sharing these for our website. 

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