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Together with YeYe (Ye is pronounced: ‘Yes’ and dropping the ’s’) and his son we have set up this house and experience. We first set foot in this village beginning 2016 and after visiting several times, we created a special bond with this family, surnamed ‘Zhao’.  After several visits where the mutual interest in setting up a new place grew, it became more and more clear that this would be a great spot for a new Laojia 老家. 

Shiyanping village has been given the highest status of heritage villages in China which therefore has resulted in giving it outsiders a unique look into ancient China. Villagers still live a traditional, simple lifestyle and are extremely welcoming to guests, so while exploring this little village feel free to have chats and interact with the local community!

The government has put in a lot of effort to preserve this village, and we like to ask our guests to be respectful by taking care of the natural environment (not littering), and keeping a positive (and curious) attitude during your stay. 

Laojia was absolutely and easily the best traditional village experience anyone can have. Really the real deal!! Everything was nothing short of perfect and a paradise in the midst of rice fields, mountains, waterfalls and caves. Ayi and shushu were the master of dishes and the ingredients were the freshest you can ask for; vegetables from their fields, meats they rear in their backyard and water from the mountain springs. Every meal was a delicacy and a moment of laughter, stories and conversations. Yeye, who is near 80yo, has the physique and energy of a 20+ yo lad. He was the one who handled all our itinerary from day to night. He took us into the cave and expertly navigated and cleared the path for us even though it was raining. He also guided us through the mountain to see the goats and introduced us tons of herbs and tea leaves! We really love the companion of yeye! Overall, this was an experience of our dreams and made this trip in China a really memorable one.” 

—  Olivia, Singapore

This one of the most lush, green, beautiful places i've been in China. If you want a true village experience, a real getaway from the rest of the world, this is for you. Wander about the mountains, help locals farm their land or feed their animals, or just sit on the beautiful porch and watch the day go by. A very unique experience! ” 

— Rose, USA

The location is awesome. It takes you a long time to get there, but it is an adventure and more than worth it. The people are incredibly friendly. The food is super yummy. There is absolutely nothing to complain about. A must see place!” 

—  Anna, China

Shiyanping Impression

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 A deep thanks to the photographic talents of our guests and sharing these for our website. 

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