Qing dynasty house
3 Days


Despite being a popular tourist destination, visiting Guilin and it's impressive karst scenery can still be a magical experience.

The trip will take you straight to a community that despite being secluded, lies in the heart of Li-river's scenery between Guilin and Yangshuo.

This 3 day experience is suitable for travelers interested in a more quiet and immersive  Guilin/Yangshuo experience.




  • Morning pickup | day 1
  • Lunch - The house cook, will prepare a local vegetarian meal on arrival*  | day 1,2
  • Afternoon - After you've settled in choose any of the available local activities that you're interested in ** | day 1,2

  • Dinner | day 1,2

  • Rest: enjoy the privacy of your quiet house or feel free to mingle with villagers. | day 1,2

  • Breakfast | day 2,3

  • Mid-day transfer | day 3


  • Transportation to/from your accommodation (starting-/drop off point: Yangshuo/Guilin )

  • Accommodation + all meals (2 nights, 3 days)

  • Each day 1x local learning experiences/activity

  • Guest manual + on-call English help-line


  • 1-2 person group:  $350 usd (incl 20% service fee)

  • 3-4 person group: $575 usd (incl 20% service fee)

  • 5-6 person group: $925 usd (incl 20% service fee)

  • 7-8 person group: $1150 usd (incl 20% service fee)


* : a detailed list with local activities can be found in the the guest manual.
**: Meat options include fish and chicken, which must be ordered in advance.

***: Excluding 20% service fee means the price one pays in case the trip is booked if you would book our place directly online and would arrange things by yourself and pay villagers directly (transportation, activities, meals)).

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