New Laojia 老家 in Fujian Province

We are thrilled to announce the opening of a new Laojia in Fujian province!

Just like during the openings of the previous locations, we like to use this new venture as an opportunity for reflection and remembering our intentions. While the long story can be found in our about section, this new place in particular reminded us that a big reason we love sharing these places is due to people we meet and the things we learn along the way. After visiting the villages and returning home, these are the elements that create lasting memories for us and our guests. And conversely, it's these friendships and local insights that create a feeling of 'coming home', every time we re-visit the locations.

If you’re interested in learning about Fujian’s Hakka- and Tea culture; experience the unique Tulou buildings or just simply need some time in nature, we welcome you to reach out and plan your upcoming stay.


A: From Xiamen (3h by car)

B: From Nanjing (Fujian) high-speed railway station (1h by car)

Bookings can be done through Airbnb or by directly getting in touch via email. We look forward welcoming you soon!

Inquiries & Booking

Airbnb links: - 1x Double room: 2x Double room: Complete house (5 rooms):


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Photo credits: A deep thanks for the generosity and talents of our visitors.

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