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“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats

What kind of travel experience suits you?

Laojia offers a range of travel related services that are created to help travelers flourish during their precious time on the road. Immersive, cultural and customized journeys through authentic China

Inclusive Tours

Our Inclusive Tours are for travelers who enjoy the freedom of traveling by themselves while having the essentials taken care of. Instead of booking our locations and doing most of the remaining arrangements yourself, you'll enjoy some extra services and peace of mind that we are here to help. Choose one of the Solo Tours we've created or share your vision so we can help you create your own. Our services include: customized itinerary, transportation, accommodation, local activity arrangements, English hot-line throughout your stay and more.

Private Tours

Enjoy China and gain extra perspectives by going on an private tour, meaning you'll be accompanied by a personal guide. Our English speaking guides have the unique combination of having an international background while being raised in China. Their empathy for both worlds makes them very suitable for bridging this gap and providing you with a travel experience that is both culturally rich and immersive while at the same time providing you with the comfort that's needed during your adventure.


Spirit tours are tours hosted by Laojia's co-founders Eric and Maarten and takes a little different approach to modern traveling. Traveling through China's urban and rural areas, these tours will put emphasis on slowing down, traveling rustically and taking things in. Guests will be invited to not only explore new places and people, but also explore the inward journey by means of mindful activities and personal/group reflections. This is about learning how to travel with a beginners mind...without pre-judgements and filled with curiosity. This way of traveling will allow you to appreciate new places, new people and yourself in magical new ways.

Not matter which tour you decide to book, each tour is in line with our values

and therefore has our promise of being transparent & authentic. Read here what we mean with that.

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