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Rural Consulting

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Laojia combines its human-centered methodology together with the unique needs of its clients to create sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.

Core services include:

Relationship building
Project Design & Implementation
Communication & PR
Local impact assessment
Research & Strategy Development
Local capacity building

For who?


At Laojia老家 we believe that in order to create lasting positive outcomes for both villagers and clients, long-term relationships are key.


Laojia's role is to establish, maintain and grow such relationships according to both the needs of our clients together with our values & mission.

Does your organization operate in rural China? Or do you have the desire to? Reach out to see how Laojia can support your endeavor.


Partnership examples:

  • Educational Organizations in search of communities for ongoing learning programs

  • Organizations who source products from rural areas and who want to improve their local relationship and positive impact

  • Non-profit organizations operating in rural China who require support in terms of training and capacity building of their local teams

  • Clients interested in improving their Public Relations by effectively communicating their local initiatives

  • CSR departments interested in investing in long-term community projects


  • Social Enterprises in need of project management support in rural China 

  • Clients in need of research reports conducted in rural settings



Clients & Partners

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