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Below are the locations we are connected with and call home, or Laojia 老家

To visit these places, simply book directly below. Or if you'd like some extra help during your journey, please check out our additional travel services here

A fishing village in the heart of the impressive Li-river scenery. Great place for hiking, river boating, and more.

A Yao ethnic minority village set deep in the mountains north of Guilin, Laozhai is a great place for escaping the crowds, exploring mountains, and learning from this unique community

​Shiyanping Village | Hunan province

This uniquely preserved village in Hunan province near Zhangjiajie National Forest Park gives travelers a rare look into ancient China.

Hekeng Village | Fujian province

The World Heritage 'Earth Houses' of Fujian are worth a visit by itself. Combined with Fujian's rich tea culture this place can leave a deep impression.

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