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Langshi Village | Guangxi province


Sitting on the banks of the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo, Langshi village find itself in the heart of one of China's most spectacular settings. The few impressive old houses that remain make this peaceful village a true illusration of the contrast between traditional China and its drastic recent modernization.


Laojia is an experience more than a place. You experience being surrounded by the dreamlike karst mountains, the wonderful Langshi village and it's people, and the company of fellow travelers for every reach of the globe. The two buildings that make up Laojia are impressive on their own. Sitting by the pond is relaxing as is just strolling through the village in the morning. Haibo is kind, helpful, and a joy to talk to. The food is incredibly fresh, which may make your next meals taste stale by comparison. It's a perfect escape if you're coming from bigger cities in China such Shanghai, Guangzhou, or even Guilin. ” 

— Austin, USA

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