Laojia 老家


Laojia 老家 provides intimate cultural experiences throughout rural China.
We aspire to provide a form of tourism that creates harmony within oneself and one's surrounding environment.



Our locations provide travelers with a windows into rural China. Stay in one of our traditional-style countryside houses while exploring these unique communities.


Our tours will take you to the communities we are connected with while we take care of all the arrangements. Convenient travels for your cultural adventures. 


Laojia partners up with educators to provide rich, insightful experiences for travelers, students and adults who are interested in learning about local culture, sustainable living and personal growth.


We welcome volunteers who are interested in an immersive rural experience and who want to help Laojia in its constant pursuit of creating meaningful travel experiences.

Whether you're a traveler, educator or a company we look forward helping you connect with rural China in an intimate way.


The sample tours below are ideal for travelers looking for a convenient way to experience immersive weekend getaways. For customized packages please get in touch here.

2019-06-25 195218.jpg

This Tujia minority village gives travelers a rare look into ancient China. Its well-preserved architecture and culture are one of a kind, and a great add-on to your journey to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Guilin-M1381-EditXX 2.jpg

Just two hours north of Guilin city, this secluded Yao minority village brings you deep into mountains known for its rice terraces and folk culture. The friendly villagers will welcome you as old friends and send you off as family.


Learn about China's Hakka people while exploring the world of tea and staying in a traditional 'Tulou' (earth building).

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 A deep thanks to the photographic talents of our guests and sharing these for our website. 

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