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Laozhai Village | Guangxi province


Two hours north of Guilin city lies the village of Laozhai. It counts around 48 families who all go by the last name ‘Zhao’. The total population is 200 people, all of whom belong to the Yao ethnic minority, which are mostly known for their yearly unique festivals, clothing and mountainous, sustainable lifestyles. 


Located deep into the mountains above Guilin, and only having access to a road as of July 2015 this village has seen very little development and has remained very self sufficient over the years.


A beautiful serene paradise that we were so lucky to experience. As much as we loved Yangshuo and other parts of the region the peace and quiet we were able to find here was truly unique. Every activity was so much fun- from fishing to hiking the rice terraces- and we were the only ones there! Can’t recommend it highly enough- a highlight of our trip” 

—  Emilie, USA

Visit Laojia 老家 - Laozhai village

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