Mission & Values

Why We Do

Laojia believes that by responsibly removing the barriers between explorers and rural communities,  meaningful  experiences are created for both sides.

We believe that tourism, done responsibly, can lead to great developments. Not only does the window into local rural life provide outsiders with a unique opportunity to broaden their perspective on China; moreover, the interest shown by outsiders, broadens the perspective of the local community who see themselves and their heritage in a different light. This interest, in the ancient buildings, local customs, lost craftsmanship, forgotten stories and rural lifestyle in general, acts as a beautiful way in keeping these important elements  alive. Direct contact with the local community, transparent, friendly. This is the type of tourism we believe in and wish to spread.

How We Do

Before connecting visitors with new places it's important we spend a significant amount of time and energy getting to know each place. Once we feel truly at home, and can call a place "Laojia"  (hometown), are we able to share it with travelers interested in life in the Chinese countryside. 

What We Do

For travelers:
Laojia is connected with several locations across rural China where we provide simple, mid-rage accommodations in refurbished traditional countryside houses. Our connections in each village  allows us to provide visitors with a unique window into these communities Besides offering countryside accommodations, Laojia also offers travel services for travelers in need of some extra help during their China trip.

For educators:

We help educators with providing rural educational programs for their students in the communities we operate in. Our ongoing presence in each location allows us to make sure programs are done in meaningful and sustainable ways.

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 A deep thanks to the photographic talents of our guests and sharing these for our website. 

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