• Laojia 老家

    We Connect Adventurous Travelers with Authentic, Rural China 

  • Laojia 老家 exists to share and preserve the beauty of authentic rural China.


    Laojia 老家 exists to share and preserve the beauty of authentic rural China.


    We give adventurous travelers authentic China experiences. We provide traditional accommodation in unique remote locations throughout China’s countryside and foster interaction between our guests and locals.


    After booking one of our village homes we provide you with all the information you need, making the language barrier a fun challenge instead of a painful struggle. After we send you the information you'll be able to: find your own way to remote Chinese villages, interact with the local community, feel at home, go exploring, and more.

  • Laojia老家,what's going on?

    Why.  The mission of Laojia|Food remains the same as for Laojia|BnB: to share the beauty of authentic rural China. Only in this case we are talking about food. We hope that by sharing nutritious food grown in these remote places we will help to provide more people with a healthier diet. At the...
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  • 3 locations and growing..

    We just finished setting up the 3rd Laojia 老家 in Hunan province and are always on the road in search of new locations to connect with.

  • 老家 | A Qing dynasty house

    A fishing village in the heart of the impressive Li-river scenery. Beautiful Qing-dynasty house. Great place for hiking, river boating, and more.

  • 老家 | A Yao minority Village

    A Yao ethnic minority village deep in the mountains north of Guilin. A great place for escaping the crowds, exploring mountains, going fishing with locals and more.

  • History 

    Laojia in Chinese means 'native place' or 'home town' and plays an important role for many Chinese living in such a spread out country.


    Laojia was founded in 2013 by Eric and Maarten, two curious foreigners living in China who were in search for 'authenticity' in rapid developing China. Inspired by the beauty and authenticity that rural China has to offer in terms of heritage, nature, food and people, they decided to move to the countryside. Spending two years living in a rural village in Guangxi province, they spent their time learning about China, drinking tea with locals and restoring a traditional house where they hosted family, friends and guests.


    The presence of outsiders in a small rural village lead to some beautiful developments. Not only did the window into local rural life provide outsiders with a unique opportunity to broaden their perspective on China; moreover, the interest shown by outsiders, broadened the perspective of the local people who see their heritage in a different light. This interest, in the ancient buildings, local customs, lost craftsmanship, forgotten stories and more, acts as a beautiful way in keeping these pieces of history alive.


    By bridging this gap between curious China travelers and rural communities, we hope to continue creating these positive experiences and developments.

  • Talk to us!

    We'd love to get in touch with anyone interested in our project or looking for an adventure. 

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