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Inclusive Tours


Our Inclusive Tours are suitable for travelers who enjoy exploring new places themselves, while having the essentials taken care of (accommodation, transportation, food arrangements, activities). By paying attention to these details, we wish to provide our guests with the freedom and peace of mind to fully enjoy their journey.


1. Start envisioning your China trip by checking the sample tours below or visit our locations page (Our tours can easily be booked in combination with already existing travels plans)
2. If you're interested in one of the sample tours below or have crafted  a trip on your own, you can fill in the inquiry form and we'll get in touch with you asap to discuss your trip and finalize your booking.

3. After your booking is confirmed we will send you your itinerary and village manuals and start making all the arrangements.

4. The journey begins! Everything is planned for and taken care of. Unexpected things always come up though (especially while traveling as a foreigner in China) which is why we are here to help  (24/7 English helplines +  local contacts )


  • Customized itinerary & guidebook of each location

  • Accommodation 

  • Daily village activity by choice

  • Meals

  • Transportation (from airport/train station/city to and from Laojia.

  • 24/7 On-call English phone service during travels

Any of these sample tours can be customized, combined together or be part of your existing travel plans. For any help needed in crafting your journey, please fill in our inquiry form here

Sample Inclusive Tours

Head south towards the beautiful Li-river where you'll find peace in the small fishing village of Langshi. The restored Qing Dynasty house is a perfect place to settle down and feel at home while being immersed in this community and beautiful karst scenery.

3 Day | Qing Dynasty House

Just two hours north of Guilin city, this secluded Yao minority village brings you deep into mountains known for its rice terraces and folk culture. The friendly villagers will welcome you as old friends and send you off as family.


3 day | Yao Minority Village

This Tujia minority village gives travelers a rare look into ancient China. It's well preserved architecture and culture are one of a kind and a great add- to your journey to Zhangjiajie national park.

3 Day | Hunan Heritage

Learn about the 'Hakka' people and their long history of tea making while staying in a refurbished 'Tulou' (earth building)

3 Day | Hakka Culture
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